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American Outdoor: Best Value in Class, Great Design, Striking Durability


      When selecting a brand, one of the most important aspects to shop for is value. Value is a combination of a grills price, quality, and performance. If a model exceeds expectations in all three categories, it has exceptional value. One such line of barbeques are the products of American Outdoor Company. These offer great value for a full 304 stainless steel grill.

      American Outdoor grills (AOG) may not be a recognizable brand name like Weber or Napoleon, but they are made by one of the most respected gas bbq manufacturers, R.H. Peterson Co. This is the same company who makes Fire Magic, which are arguably one of the best grills on the market today. R.H. Peterson has been making gas grills right here in the U.S. for over half a century and focuses its commitments on its customers, quality, and design research.

      American Outdoor is the affordable all 304 stainless lineup that is very similar to Fire Magic grills in every way except the price tag. They currently offer only three models to keep the price down, but still have versatile designs in a variety of sizes. The BTU output could be a little stronger with outputs ranging from 32,000 to 70,000, but American Outdoor barbeques have no problem reaching temperatures of over 825 degrees at the grilling surface. Theses grills come in 3 different sizes, ranging from 24 to 36 inches wide with primary cooking areas of 432 to 648 square inches. They are reasonably priced from 1400 dollars to just over 2500 dollars. 


      American Outdoor grills certainly have all the characteristics of a high quality bbq. They have a 15 year warranty on burners and 10 years on other parts. Odds are that you’ll never need to worry about a warranty claim though; the special titanium alloy steel burners, full 304 stainless steel exterior, and a fully welded frame should last decades. Aside from even heating and an efficient design, brass control valves ensure precise control and long term durability. Lastly, just because the price is competitive with much lower end grills doesn’t mean these aren’t full featured grills with infrared burners and rotisseries as available options.

      Overall, this an excellent choice for a full 304 stainless model, as it is next to impossible to find this kind of quality at a better value. In fact, many lesser units sell at much higher prices and won’t last or perform like an American Outdoor will.




  Full feature models

  Few flare ups

  Great performing

  Even heating

  Affordable line of 304 stainless grills

  High quality materials and internals

  Fully welded construction

  Made in the USA

  Excellent durability

  Great value for the price

  A little low on BTU's   

       View the American Outdoor models below, or check out which model made it in the Best Gas Grills!  If you like American Outdoor, you may like to read Fire Magic Grill ReviewsDCS Reviews, or Lynx Reviews.


American Outdoor Grill Models 

AMerican Outdoor 36

American Outdoor 24

American Outdoor Patio Poat Grill Review image

American Outdoor 


American Outdoor


American Outdoor

Patio Post

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

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