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Aussie: Simple and Basic, Reliable, Great Value


      With all the features, accessories, and gadgets on today’s outdoor grills it makes you wonder if there’s still a company out there making simple, down to earth gas grills with price, quality, and value in mind.  If you’ve been searching for one such grill, look no further, because an Aussie grill could be just what you need.


      Although the name sounds like this grill is straight from the outback of Australia, Aussie grills are actually a single division of Meco Corporation and are made right here in the Unites States.  Since 1999 Meco, which was originally an engineering and fabrication company, has been manufacturing and selling Aussie grills at great prices directly through their website online and through a small number of selected retail outlets. 


      Aussie grills are relatively simple and most of their models share many of the same basic standard features.  Their current lineup of gas grills includes seven distinctive models, the least expensive starts at around 120 dollars.  More expensive grills range up to 550 dollars, but still stay well within the value of these grills when compared to similar models at your local stores.  The majority of Aussie grills are smaller units, with sizes ranging from 421 to 660 square inches; however, they also offer a few larger models with up to 954 square inches of cooking space.  BTU output is in line with size for nearly all of their models and ranges from 20,000 to 79,500 BTU’s.


      Although all the specs all sound the same, for the last ten years, Aussie has been making their grills just a little different than the competition.  The ability to keep things simple has helped keep the cost of these grills low, without sacrificing quality.  These are budget minded grills with only a few features, but they offer a lot for the price.  They heat up quickly and offer plenty of heat output for their size.  In addition, porcelain coated bodies and grates ensure a long durable life, and aluminized steel burners are a step up from the usual 430 stainless found in other inexpensive grills.  Plus, replacement parts are easily ordered online, and customer service is attentive.  Lastly, most Aussie’s are easy to set up and some even come with partially assembled grill bodies.

      Overall, Aussie grills are low priced, with a simple design, and offer more than enough bang for your buck.  If you don’t need all the bells and whistles on your next grill, you should definitely check them out.

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