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American Outdoor 36”


American Outdoor 36 Inch Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: The American Outdoor 36 inch model is probably the best value of any all 304 stainless steel grill.  It is made by the same people who make Fire Magic and cooks just as good as it looks.  Add an infrared burner and you're set with 805 square inches and 70,000 BTU's.

Pros: 304 Stainless steel, Fire Magic engineering

Cons: Basic grill

Price: Check Discount Pricing/Buy Now

American Outdoor Grill Reviews



Fire Magic Aurora - A540 

Fire Magic Aurora A450 Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: Fire Magic grills deliver the wow factor and almost everything you else you could want.  They are easily among the best designed and highest quality barbeques made.  They cook better than most, are they're built to last decades.  This model has 540 square inches and 94,000 BTU's.

Pros: Full 304 stainless, powerful, lifetime warranty

Cons: Options add to price

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DCS 30”

DCS 30 Inch Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: Any grill built by a company that was founded and run by appliance engineers is almost guaranteed to deliver outstanding performance and durability.  This DCS unit delivers all that and more with great features and quality.  It has 760 square inches and 64,000 BTU's.

Pros: 4000 authorized dealers, powerful design, 304 stainless

Cons: heavy

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Lynx 30”

Lynx 30 Inch Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: Lynx grills are among the most innovative on the market.  Several of these features such as the hood lift assist, LED's, and brass burners are just a few examples on this model.  This model offers great quality and power with 65,000 BTU's and 840 square inches.

Pros: Innovative, attractive design, easy operation, quality

Cons: Accessories add to price

Price: Check Discount Pricing/Buy Now

  Lynx Grill Reviews



Solaire 30" Infrared


Solaire 30 Inch Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: Nothing cooks like an infrared burner.  This Solaire will preheat in three minutes and cook a steak in five.  It is the easiest way to get steakhouse like results in your own home. Plus, it's the most effecient ways to grill.  This model is 55,000 BTU's and 703 square inches.

Pros: Fast cooking, great quality, taste like no other grill

Cons: Commercial look

Price: Check Discount Pricing/Buy Now

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