Best Gas Grills | 500 - 1500 Dollars


Best Gas Grills 500 - 1500 Dollars: The Best Models For The mid-range Buyer


Weber Genesis - S-320


Weber Genesis E-320 Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: Weber customers are among the most loyal in the industry for good reasons.  The Weber Genesis S-320 should last decades, has even heating, and an efficient design.  With 637 square inches and 54,000 BTU's this grill will easily meet the toughest tasks. 

Pros: Durable construction, Weber support

Cons: Small workspace

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 Weber Grill Reviews



Napoleon Prestige - P450

Napoleon Prestige U450 Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: Napoloeon is almost like the Weber of Canada. They make powerful, high performing barbeques with versatility and quality in mind.   Plus the burners and grates are among the best in this price range.  It's also one of the largest with 694 square inches and 61,000 BTU's.

Pros: Heavy construction, versatile, exceptional cooking ability

Cons: Basic features

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Broil King Regal 490

Broil King Regal Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: The newly designed Regal 490 is sure to live up to Broil Kings reputation for impressive cooking power and heat control.  This unit comes with all the extras and is one of the most power in this price range at 75,000 BTU's and 695 square inches.

Pros: Feature packed, powerful, quality materials

Cons: Side burner underpowered if windy

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Weber Summit S-420


Weber Summit S-420 Best Gas Grills ImageDescription: The Weber Summit S-420 is easily among the best Weber has to offer.  This model brings brushed stainless steel, LED lighting, durable construction, and Weber's 24/7 support.  As one of the smallest Summits, it has 650 square inches and 60,800 BTU's.

Pros: Durable construction, great support, good warranty

Cons: LED lights aren't very bright

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 Cook Number 24"


Cook Number 24 Inch Best Gas Grills Image

Description: The Cook Number 24" is arguably one of the most unique bbqs around.  It basically takes all the guess work out of grilling with an electronic thermometer system.  The single movable burner allows you to sear or grill and is 30,000 BTU's covering 400 square inches.

Pros: Quality 304 stainless components, simplifies grilling

Cons: Small cooking area

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