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4 Star Char-Broil Red

Blue Ember: Feature Packed, Technologically Advanced, Good Quality


      Suprisingly, only a few grill manufactures have stepped into the 21st century with their grill designs.  Electronics, LCD displays, and temperature probes are currently found on only a handful of models. Many of these features and more can be found on some of the most technologically advanced and feature packed grills made by Blue Ember.

      Blue Ember is a division of Fiesta, which is one of North America’s largest grill manufacturers.  Since 1986 Fiesta has been making quality grills in both the U.S. and Canada. Fiesta models are sold in over 30 countries worldwide, and are currently made in Dickenson, Tennessee.  Fiesta is the only grill manufacturer who makes every single part for their grills.  From the casting, burners, and all the way down to the propane cylinders, Fiesta is able to ensure its quality and craftsmanship goes into every piece.  This combined with in-house customer service really set Fiesta and Blue Ember apart from the competition.


      The Blue Ember line is a small division of Fiesta and is sold mostly at Sam’s Club, Sears, and other big box discount stores. Their current lineup of Blue Ember grills only consists of two models, the iQue and the Blue Ember 500. These grills are both similar in design; however, the Blue Ember 500 does not include any of the electronics you would find on the iQue.  Heat output on these two models starts at 69,000 BTU’s and goes upward of 84,000 BTU’s and both models are relatively large with cooking areas ranging from 675 to 875 square inches.


       In recent years Blue Ember has focused on blending technology and grilling together in a single package.  Its most recent design, the iQue, is a prime example. The new iQue grill takes all the guesswork out of grilling.  It offers pre-programmed meat settings, fuel monitoring, electronic lcd  temperature controls, and integrated halogen lighting. These options combined with four 15,000 BTU burners make this quite a powerful grill. Other Blue Ember models share the same design ideas and are all feature packed with lots of accessories while still maintaining high even heating.  In this price range, all these features do come at a cost, but overall quality is still better than average and as long as the electronics weather the outdoors, it should last a good amount of time. 



      Overall, if you’re looking for a brand with all the bells and whistles, a Blue Ember may just be the one. As long as you’ve got an electrical connection and the electronics hold up, you should be set. 





  Large, powerful models

  Feature packed

  Technologically advanced

  No guesswork grilling

  Attractive designs

  Made in USA

  Electronics durability unknown    

  Power outlet required 


      You can view the Blue Ember models below, or you may also like to check out Weber Grill Reviews, Ducane Reviews,  or Broil King Reviews as alternatives to Blue Ember.


Blue Ember Grill Models


Blue EMber iQue Grill Review image

Blue Ember 500 Grill Review Image

Blue Ember iQue

Blue Ember 500

4 Star Char-Broil Red

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

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