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Broil King: Built to Last, Designed to Perform, Priced For Value


      Just because Canada has subfreezing temperatures and snow on the ground for a good portion of the year doesn’t mean they don’t know how to manufacturer a great grill or do some outdoor cooking of their own.  Broilking, made in Ontario, is a prime example of Canadians devotion to grilling.

      Broil King grills are made by Onward Manufacturing Co. They have been making quality grills for over 20 years. Broil King grills became what we know them as today when Onward purchased the assets of Jacuzzi Grilling in 1986. The current Broil King models still share some of the original design elements and quality of the Jacuzzi Line. Onward also manufactures Grillpro Accessories and the Broil Mate brand.


      Simply put, Broil King grills are some of the best cooking units on the market in this price range. They offer several unique features that put them a step ahead of the competition. Broil King's Dual tube burners, heavy cast iron grates, and 180 degree linear control valves all make for precise temperature adjustments and even heating. In addition to excellent cooking performance, Broil King grills are made with a combination of high quality stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron. A single cooking grate weights over seven pounds, the aluminum hoods will never rust and retain heat well. Broil King's are built to last, and offer a great value for the price.


      The current lineup of Broil King models is comprised of a wide variety of grills in both price and size. Prices start at around 350 dollars and go up to just under 2000 dollars for the top of the line imperial XL. These grills range in size from 520 square inches all the way up to 1005 square inches, and have more than enough power with BTU’s starting at 40,000 and ranging up to 85,000.

      Overall, Broil King makes a truely great product. Their high quality materials and great engineering make this grill a real pleasure to cook on. Plus, with the wide price range these grills offer, they'll fit into almost any budget, and should be serious considerations for your backyard or patio.




  Amazing burner design

  Very even heating

  Efficient heating and engineering

  High Quality Materials

  Precise temperature control

  Excellent Durability

  Great value for the price

  Lower models not as attractive    

      View the Broil King models below, or you can see Broil King in the Best Gas Grills! If you like Broil King, maybe read Weber Grill Reviews, American Outdoor Reviews, or Napoleon Reviews as they are similar.

Broil King Grill Models

Broil King Imperial Grill Review Image

Broil King Sovereign Xl Grill Review Image

Broil King SIgnet Grill Review Image

Broil King Regal Grill Review Image

Broil King Imperial

Broil King Sovereign

Broil King Signet

Broil King Regal

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

Broil King Crown Grill Review Image

  Broil King Monarch Grill Review Image  

   Broil King Porta-Chef Grill Review Image

Broil King Crown

Broil King Monarch

Broil King Porta-Chef

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

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