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Charmglow: Uneven Heating, Low Quality, Discontinued


      There's nothing quite more exciting for a diehard grilling fan than getting your new gas grill out of the packaging, assembling it, and getting ready tothrow on your first set of burgers. You're feeling comfortable with your purchase, and are hoping the grill cooks and performs as good as it looks. Unfortunately, if you’ve bought a Charmglow grill, this is when you may start finding out that things aren’t quite as charming as you had thought.

      Charmglow was one of America’s oldest grill manufacturers. They began making grills in the early 60’s and had a reputation for making quality grills that lasted forever. Until recently, this was true; however, in 2004 Home Depot bought the Charmglow name and began making these models in China. The Manufacturers Nexgrill and Brinkmann made various different Charmglow models for Home Depot, but due to poor sales based on quality, customer service, and durability, all Charmglow models have been discontinued.


      While these grills have been discontinued, you can still find inventory waiting to be purchased in your local Home Depot. The last remaining model is the Charmglow 5 burner made by Nexgrill. This unit is on sale for 374 dollars, offers 72,000 BTU’s and 896 square inches.


      Due to the fact that Charmglow grills have been discontinued, future parts availability and support are unknown. Aside from that, Charmglow designs were notorious for uneven heating and uncontrollable flare-ups. Cooking performance noticeably seemed to be an afterthought, as these grills were mostly designed to look appealing. Unfortunately, they were made from low quality materials and constantly needed expensive replacement parts. Items such as the burners, frame, and wheels were common to rust or break within 2 years.

      Overall, Charmglow grills were at one time a great buy, however, after the Home Depot take over, things went downhill quickly. They built a poor reputation for rusting, lack of cooking performance, and low quality. Although the last remaining model is on sale, it is not recommended.    




  Full feature models

  Attractive designs and styles

  Large, powerful grills

  All models discontinued

  Future parts availability unknown   

  All lower quality 430 stainless

  Uneven heating

  Prone to rusting

  Often flares up


      You can view the Charmglow models below.  As an alternative you may also like to check out  Weber Grill Reviews, Members Mark Reviews, and  Broil King Reviews  as higher quality options to Charmglow. 

  Charmglow Grill Models

Charmglow 5 Burner Grill Review Image 

Charmglow 5 Burner

3 Star Char-Broil Quickset



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