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Cook Number:  A Simple Grilling Solution, Enviromentaly Friendly


      For those of us who love to eat grilled foods, but sometimes think grilling out is too complicated, too time consuming, or just not simple enough, there’s a line of gas grills designed just for you. Just imagine if there was a grill that you could set to your desired cooking temperature, and come back when it’s done. Well, that’s exactly what the Cook Number Grills by Outdoor GreatRoom Company are designed to accomplish.

      In 1975, two brothers, Ron and Don Shimek had an idea of starting a small entrepreneurial venture making gas logs and other items in the home products industry. After 25 years of success with their growing company, they decided on a new idea with a vision of taking the guesswork out of grilling by bringing the simplicity of indoor cooking outdoors. Soon after their vision, the Outdoor GreatRoom Company introduced the new line of Cook Number Grills in 2000. Little did they know, they would introduce a whole new type of grill to the market that would revolutionize the simplicity and efficiency of outdoor grilling.

      Now after more than 35 years of business, the Outdoor GreatRoom Company makes hundreds of items for the outdoors, including their Cook Number Grills, pergolas, and fire pits. Cook Number models come in four different size combinations and two different colors, porcelain coated black or 304 stainless steel.   They offer both built in and grills on carts with sizes ranging from 24 to 36 inches. All Cook Number models are similar in design with a single moveable burner assembly, one valve, and one igniter on each grill. BTU outputs range from 8,000 to 30,000 BTU’s covering sizes of 250 to 930 square inches. Cook Numbers start at just around 250 dollars for the portable model and up to 1900 dollars for the 36 inch stand alone model. Each one includes a cookbook and cover.


      While Cook Number Grills may be for a select audience, they do offer a unique grilling system that allows for simple and precise cooking by adjusting the cook number dial and using the built in temperature probe. With ten different temperature settings, these models allow for a fine tuned heat range and nearly fool proof grilling. When looking at the specifications, a Cook Number may seem like they are a little inadequate in power, however, the single moveable burner allows you to maneuver the flame close to the meat for searing, then away from it for grilling. This innovative design cuts fuel consumption nearly in half compared to other grills of similar size, thus reducing the cost of cooking. As innovative as its design is, the build quality of Cook Number Grills also stands out. With fewer parts comes less cost, less to maintain, and less to replace. Plus the 18 gauge 304 stainless steel offers a lifetime warranty and they’re made right here in the U.S.A.

      Overall, if you fit into Cook Number’s target audience of simple and efficient grilling then these grills would be a great choice. Don’t let the lower BTU output scare you, Cook Number Grills are built to perform and designed with the quality to last many years.


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