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DCS: Fully Engineered, Innovative Design, Heavy Duty Construction


      When a company is founded and run by a group of appliance engineers for close to 20 years, it’s almost a no brainer to know they manufacture some of the highest quality and best performing grills around. Since 1989 DCS Appliances has been doing just that.

      For more than two decades DCS has used innovation and engineering to pioneer the high end outdoor grill industry. Starting in 1989 they introduced their first high end drop in grill and over time expanded their offerings to include a full line of commercial quality outdoor gas grills, ovens, and refrigerators. In 2004 DCS was acquired by Fisher & Paykel Appliances, a well known innovator and long standing state of the art manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand. Today DCS continues on its path of engineering innovation with a 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Southern California and over 4,000 network storefronts and service centers.


      With product offerings for all aspects of outdoor cooking, DCS has all the parts to create a complete outdoor kitchen or backyard oasis. Their current lineup of grills includes four main models, each of which is available as a drop in or traditional grill, and in either propane or natural gas. These models range from 30 inches wide with 760 square inches to 48 inches wide and 1167 square inches. As well as size, DCS grills are also well known for their power output and sturdy construction. DCS grills range from 64,000 BTU’s to 118,000 and can weigh upwards of 450 pounds. Prices start at 2,500 dollars and run to around 7,000.


      Although DCS grills are heavy, with that weight, you know you are getting exactly what you pay for. These grills are certainly designed to last, they’re handcrafted from full 304 heavy gauge stainless and are some of the best quality grills made. They offer powerful 25,000 BTU’s burners, excellent heat distribution, outstanding temperature control, and a great grease management system that controls flare-ups. Aside from those features, DCS also includes rotisserie systems, 50 watt halogen lights, and metal control knobs on all their grills. The only drawback is that some grill carts are sold separately and this adds to the price.

       Overall, if you’re looking for one of the best grills money can buy, DCS would be one of the top considerations. Its powerful, heavy duty design, innovative features, and attractive appearance make it a sure contender in this price range.




  Powerful, even heating

  Full 304 stainless steel

  Extensive dealer and service network

  Made in USA

  Full line of accessories

  Excellent durability

  Innovative engineering and design

  Heavy duty construction

  Most models don't include carts  


      You can view the DCS models below.  For similar options to DCS, you may also like to check out Lynx Grill Reviews, American Outdoor Reviews, or Fire Magic Reviews

DCS Grill Models 

DCS 30 Inch Grill Review Image

DCS 36 Inch Grill Review Image

DCS 48 Inch Grill Review Image

DCS 48 Inch Grill Review

DCS 30"

DCS 36"

DCS 48"

DCS 48"

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q


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