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4.5 Star Weber Spirit

Ducane: Great Customer Support, High Durability, Superior Value


      Ducane's motto of "Buy Your Last Grill First" says a lot about their commitment to quality and the principles behind which they design and manufacture their grills. After all, over 75 percent of Ducane owners say they will “definitely  replace their current Ducane grill with another Ducane" when the time comes. Only a few gas grill manufacturers can live up to these claims, Ducane is one of them.


      Ducane grills are among the best in their price range and offer a quality grill at a price which delivers value. The Ducane line of grills was introduced in 1975 and was purchased by Weber in 2004. Weber’s vision for a quality grill at a competitive price pushed manufacturing to China soon after the acquisition. Although these grills are made in China, Weber has strict quality controls over its production, and it shows.

      Ducane grills are Weber’s least expensive full size models. What you get is good quality grills at prices competitive with lower end Char-Broil, Brinkmann, and Charmglow models. While these other brands offer good looks, Ducane grills offer durability paired with excellent customer support. Weber and Ducane are the last of only a few grill manufacturers that emphasize service as a part of your purchase.

      To keep costs in line with other similar grills, Ducane has cut their production line to only a few models. They currently offer several attractive three to five burner grills with 12,000 BTU burners costing from 300 dollars to 1100 dollars. Ducane grills range in size from 36,000 to 82,000 BTU’s and from 550 to 832 square inches.


      While Ducane provides much more quality than many other models in this price range, there are still a few drawbacks. Some lower quality 430 stainless is used in the body of the grill. Luckily, where used, the body is powder coated and should be very durable as long as it isn’t scratched.   Also the availability of Ducane models have always been hard to come by. They can usually be found online or at your local Ace Hardware store.

  Overall, if you’re a value minded shopper who desires quality, performance, and durability over curb appeal then one of the Ducane grills might be for you.




  Outstanding customer service

  Readily available parts

  Low price, high value

  Brand Loyal Ducane owners

  Even heating

  Efficient design

  Some lower quality 430 stainless   

  Made in China


      View the Ducane models below, or for similar options you can also take a look at Char-Broil Grill Reviews Weber Reviews and  Minden Reviews as close competitors to Ducane.


Ducane Grill Models

Ducane Affinity Grill Review Image

Ducane Meridian Review Image 

Ducane Affinity

Ducane Meridian

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4.5 Star Weber Spirit


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