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Fire Magic: Tradition Of Durablity, Power To Perform, Endless Features


      Rarely does a grill form such a reputation that its name is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and power. Through its commitment to leadership in the industry, innovation, and its customers, Fire Magic grills are one of the few companies that have formed such a reputation and they plan to keep it.

      With over 50 years of experience, R.H. Peterson Co., who makes Fire Magic grills, is anything but new to the industry. Over the years they’ve pioneered the luxury grill segment with innovative new designs and features including: solar powered electronics, digital thermometers, and automatic hood openers. These features and Fire Magic’s large, powerful grills are hard to ignore.


      However, with prices starting at around 2,000 dollars and ranging to over 12,000, Fire Magic grills aren’t for everyone’s budget, but for those looking for the best, look no further. The current lineup of grills consists of all 304 stainless grills ranging in size from 432 to 1156 square inches of cooking area. These grills offer more than enough power, with outputs starting at 42,000 BTU’s and topping the charts at 145,000 BTU's.


      The combination of power, durability, and innovative designs truly make Fire magic grills one of the best options available. Their cooking performance is second to none and their list of features is endless. Items such as the sliding propane cylinder, meat probe thermometer, and dedicated smoker box make grilling both easier and more enjoyable. All that combined with the fact that the 304 stainless is among the heaviest in the industry and Fire Magic grills are some of the most attractive grills on the block put a lot in their favor.

      Overall, when it comes down to Fire Magic grills, durability is not a question, but a statement, features are nearly endless, and performance is almost unmatched. If you’re looking for one of the best luxury gas grills made today, you’ve found it.  




  Endless list of features

  Flare ups rare

  Great performing

  Powerful, even heating

  Full 304 stainless

  High quality materials and internals 

  Fully welded, watertight design 

  Made in the USA 

  Excellent durability

  Possibly the best on the market

  Great customer service 

 Features add to the cost    

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Fire Magic Grill Models

Fire Magic Aurora Grill Review Image

Fire Magic Echelon Grill Review Image

Fire Magic Aurora

Fire Magic Echelon

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

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