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What Is The Best Gas and Charcoal Combo Grill?





Hello, I have a Weber classic Charcoal Grill that I love and my wife and I are looking to have an outdoor kitchen built.  We'd like to have a gas grill for quick startups and convenience but I like charcoal grilling.  What options are out there to get both in a grill?  I found a Kalamazoo Gourmet gas and charcoal combo grill but the prices are way out of my league.  I've never had a gas grill, only charcoal so I'm really not familiar with them.  We also will be using natural gas as we have a line outside already.

Thanks for your help.






Hey Reader,


I see you're looking for the best of both worlds with the gas and charcoal combo grill.  There are a few gas and charcoal combo grills out there, but most are not of the quality or design that you would want if you're designing an outdoor kitchen.  There are also a few gas grills that sell charcoal trays that you can insert over or in place of the gas burners.  I think this would be your best option.  The main one I know doing this is Napoleon Grills.  They have a wide selection of built-in models to choose from, and make powerful, long lasting grills.  Below are a few options depending on the size and price you’re looking for.


Napoleon Mirage 6 Burner


Napoleon Mirage 3 Burner


Charcoal Insert for Mirage Series


Best of luck with the outdoor kitchen plans!





Thanks for your quick reply and detailed answer.  I really appreciate it.  I had my choices down to 3, but didn’t really have any gas and charcoal combo grills.


1 - A Napoleon, I haven’t picked a model yet so I'll review your notes.


2 - A Weber Summit


3 - A Kitchen Aid KBNU487VSS


I liked that the Weber and the Kitchen Aid were both around $2000 - $2500 and included a smoking tray so I could really get the flavor from wood chips.  It also has the rotisserie and warming tray.   What do you think of my three choices and any drawbacks?  I read one bad Napoleon review, I'm not sure of which model or line so it’s got me a little worried.  I've also read good stuff so they are back on my short list.  I'm getting some cash from a refinance so I want to spend it reliably.



No problem!


Personally I like options 1 and 2.  You certainly can't go wrong with the Weber; I like the searing burners on that model, as well as the fact that you'll always be able to find parts.  I found it for $2149, which isn't a bad deal at all.  As far as the Kitchen Aid, I honestly don't have much experience with their grills.  There is very little information online that I could find, but I do know they are manufactured by Nexgrill and have customer support through Kitchen Aid.


Hope this helps.









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