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Huntington: Suprising Value, Good Performance, Perfectly Priced


      If you’ve been shopping around stores lately for gas grills that don’t cost an arm and a leg, you’ve probably been wondering if there’s any affordable gas grills that are still made in North America.  Surprisingly if you swing by your local Lowe's or other outdoor store, you’ll find one such grill that offers a lot of bang for the buck under the name Huntington.


      Huntington grills are made by Onward Manufacturing Co. and have recently been introduced to Lowe's and several other outdoor stores at impressive price points. Onward Manufacturing has been making quality grills for over 20 years and is based out of Ontario, Canada.  They have several different brands under their roof, including Broil King, Blue Ember, and Broil Mate.  Today’s Huntington grills share many similarities with their Broil King line and are even still made in the U.S.A. 


      While Huntington models are sold at competitive prices, their cooking performance has not been sacrificed.  In fact, for this price range, these grills have several great features that really set their cooking performance apart from their Chinese made counterparts.  Their extra deep hoods improve convection and offer even heating, while 180 degree linear flow valves make it easy to precisely control temperature.  Plus evenly distributed tube burners and heavy aluminum hoods make them heat up quickly and retain heat well.  In addition to great cooking performance, Huntington’s quality is in line with what you’d expect from a U.S. made grill.  Porcelain coated cast iron grates, aluminum and porcelain coated hoods, and zinc coated stainless steel parts help resist rusting and improve the longevity of the different Huntington models.


       The current lineup of Huntington models includes three primary models, each with different features and cart designs.  Their most inexpensive model, the Huntington Cast, is sold exclusively at Lowe's for 250 dollars, while the other two models (Rebel and Patriot) can be found at other outdoor stores for as high as 1100 dollars.  These grills range in size from 635 square inches all the way up to 1005 square inches, and have more than enough power with BTU’s starting at 50,000 and ranging up to 85,000.

      Overall, a Huntington gas grill would be a good choice for the price and performance they offer, especially since you can have a little piece of mind knowing that these grills are made in the U.S.




  Made in the U.S.A

  Very even heating

  Efficient engineering and design

  Good quality materials

  Precise temperature control

  Above average durability

  Great value for the price

  Lower models not as attractive    

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Huntington Grill Models  

Huntington Cast Grill Review Image

Huntington Rebel Grill Review Image

Huntington Patriot Grill Review Image

Huntington Cast

Huntington Rebel

Huntington Patriot

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4.5 Star Weber Spirit


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