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       What’s the hottest new feature that’s being included on just about every new gas grill?  Literally, the hottest new item is infrared burners.  True ceramic infrared burners are a better cooking method in many ways; they’re hotter, cleaner, more efficient, and the food has that seared taste everyone loves.  Don’t be fooled though, not all infrared burners are created equal, and not all grills that claim to be infrared really are.

      So what is infrared?  Infrared is the wavelength of heat transfer just below red visible heat and right above the wavelength of microwave waves.  Burners that emit the proper wavelength of infrared heat for cooking turns bright red at temperatures above 1200 degrees and can cook food much faster than traditional grill burners.  They also impart more flavor to the food due to the high heat, are more fuel efficient, and heat up and cool down quicker.  Infrared is great for cooking red meats like steak, tuna, or lamb as well as shellfish, and certain vegetables.  On the other hand, it’s not that good at cooking chicken, fish, or vegetables that dry out quickly like onions, carrots, and mushrooms.


      Before the year 2000, infrared burners were most commonly found in high end restaurants and industrial factories simply because the cost of infrared burners was too high for the average person to afford.  The expiration of the original patent to the infrared burner expired in 2000, thus opening up the infrared burner to everyone for a lower price.  This technology quickly became very popular in gas grills because its ability to sear at much higher temperatures than traditional grills.  In the next few years many grill manufacturers scrambled to include infrared technology on their grills.


Infrared Grill Burner Image      Some companies did this the right way with high quality ceramic burners and 304 stainless steel enclosures.  These high quality, truly infrared burners, are expensive and they start at about 175 dollars each.  Others used lower quality materials only to find them rust, break, or crack due to the intense heat the infrared burners emit.  A third group of manufactures decided to bend the definition of infrared grills and marketed a new line of grills claiming to be infrared.


      Many grill manufacturers are now selling high quality infrared burners included in their traditional gas grills.  American Outdoor, Lynx, Napoleon, and Fire Magic are a few.  In addition, there are grills that are entirely infrared such as TEC and Solaire.   The last group includes brands such as Char-Broil and Kenmore, which market several grills as infrared, although their definition of infrared is a stretch at best. 


      These new infrared grills include a thin sheet of perforated or solid steel situated closely over several burners that claim to emit heat through infrared, when in fact, these grills emit a weak infrared radiant heat in the upper end of the wavelength called mid-wave infrared.  Yes, technically this technology can be called infrared, and yes, you can mislead consumers to believe it is the same as more expensive ceramic infrared burners.  However, the fact is, heat absorption to food in this wavelength of infrared is close to zero.  In reality, most of the heat transferred to the food on these grills is done through the perforated holes in the metal and by contact with the grates.  The design of these infrared grills much more resembles that of a very hot oven and requires constant cleaning and maintenance.


      Given this information, it probably suits most people best to have a combination of a traditional gas grill with a quality ceramic infrared burner built in.  Below you will find reviews of the brands that offer high quality, true infrared burners in their grills.

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