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3.5 Star Char-Broil Grill Review

Jenn-Air: Feature Packed, Reputable Brand, Questionable Quality


      Anyone who ever thought about designing their dream home might have very well included it with a full line of Jenn-Air’s top of the line appliances in the kitchen.   After all, just about everyone recognizes their brand as designing and manufacturing high end luxury cook tops, ovens, and refrigerators.   The question is, in your dream home, would you have included a Jenn-Air gas grill in the back yard?


      Jenn-Air began in 1961 as an innovator in gas cook top technology and eventually moved into manufacturing a large spectrum of kitchen appliances.   Today many of their appliances are on the cutting edge of technology with LED controls and built in precision management systems.  Unfortunately, all this history doesn’t flow over to their line of gas grills, which are manufactured by Nexgrill in China.  Nexgrill has gained a rather low reputation for customer service and building inferior grills over the past few years.  It’s a wonder why Jenn-Air would ever put its brand reputation on such a manufacturer.


      Jenn-Air only has a few models for sale at any given time.  Their grills mostly sell at member’s discount store like Sam’s, BJ’s, and Lowes.  Their current lineup ranges in price from 650 dollars up to 1000 dollars.  All their grills are of similar size and power output ranging from 58,000 to 78,000 BTU’s and from 742 to 930 square inches of cooking area.


      Aside from being manufactured by Nexgrill, which has a poor reputation for quality, customer service, and parts availability, Jenn-Air grills are flashy and feature packed.  Most Jenn-Air models come with infrared side burners, halogen lights, high output burners, and plenty of cooking space.  It’s also common for them to include a cover and even a natural gas conversion kit.  On the other hand, none of their models include a rotisserie kit even if they include the rotisserie burner.  For this price range it’s not unexpected that all these features come at a cost.  Unfortunately, the inexpensive 400 series stainless and the infrared burner, in particular, has shown to deteriorate quickly and has become hard to find replacement parts for.  Although you might think giving Jenn-Air a call would be the right thing to do, they offer no support for these grills.  All replacement parts must be ordered through Nexgrill.

      Overall, Jenn-Air grills should have been a top of the line product, which would have been expected, however, instead they’re hanging on mostly due to their brand name recognition.  The fact is, than most people don’t realize who they’re manufactured by, or the quality of Jenn-Air grills. 




  Feature packed

  High BTU output

  Attractive styling and design

  Wide range of accessories

  Versatile cooking areas

  Manufactured by Nexgrill

  Parts availability unknown

  Made of 400 series stainless

  Poor customer service

  Prone to rusting

  Long term durability questionable


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Jenn-Air Grill Models

Jenn Air 4 burner Grill Review Image

Jenn-Air 5 Burner Grill Review Image

Jenn-Air 4 Burner

Jenn-Air 5 Burner

3.5 Star Char-Broil Grill Review

3.5 Star Char-Broil Grill Review


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