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4 Star Char-Broil Red

Kenmore: Attractive Grills, Over Priced, Some Quality Issues


       When a gas grill can almost always be found on sale, it’s never a good sign.  There are many reasons for grills to be put on sale, but more often than not it is due to slow sales, over pricing, or a bad reputation.  Kenmore grills are one such brand that are almost always on sale.  


      Kenmore has long been known as a leader in the home appliance marketplace. They made their first washing machine in 1927 and have been doing it well ever. They make great refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers.  So what’s with their line of gas grills?  It’s simple, they don’t make them. Kenmore grills are made primarily by Char-broil and other Chinese manufacturers.  In fact several Kenmore grills are nearly identical to their Char-broil counterparts. 


      Kenmore grills come in two main categories: Kenmore and Kenmore Elite.  The Kenmore Elite are higher quality and better performing grills, but come at a higher price.  The current lineup is priced from 199 to 1199 dollars.  Kenmore offers a wide variety of grills, with sizes ranging from 596 to 832 square inches and 49,000 to 72,000 BTU’s. 


      Kenmore grills have several things going for them.  They’re nearly all feature packed, high curb appeal grills, and are often on sale.  For many shoppers this is enough to open their wallets at their local Sears.  On the other hand, these grills are made from low quality components and are prone to rusting.  Plus, uneven heating, low power outputs, and ultra thin materials on the lower priced models leaves consumers with only the higher priced Elite series.  Luckily, however, parts are easy to get on all Kenmore grills and Sears offers great service and a good warranty reputation.

      Overall, while Kenmore does have some acceptable models, the overall lineup is of low quality and overpriced.  Even though their grills are usually on sale, and offer some great looking models, there are better options to be had at similar prices.




  Full feature models

  Usually on sale

  Great curb appeal

  Parts easily purchased

  Sears warranty and service

  Low heat output

  Low quality components

  Prone to rusting

  Porcelain prone to cracking 

  Thin materials

  Made in China


      You can view the Kenmore models below, or you could also check out  Broil-King Grill Reviews Weber Reviews, or Napoleon Reviews as higher quality alternatives to Kenmore.


Kenmore Grill Models


Kenmore Fasion Grill Review Image

Kenmore Infrared Grill Review Image

Kenmore 4 Burner Grill Review Image

Kenmore 3 Burner

Kenmore Fashion

Kenmore Infrared

Kenmore 4 Burner

4 Star Char-Broil Red

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4 Star Char-Broil Red

4 Star Char-Broil Red

Kenmore 5 Burner grill Review Image

Kenmore Elite Grill Review Image

Kenmore 5 Burner

Kenmore Elite

3.5 Star Char-Broil Grill Review

         3.5 Star Char-Broil Grill Review        








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