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Should I buy a Kenmore Model 16641?





I find your web site very informative but I am looking for a review of the Kenmore 4 burner grill with the model number 16641 and can’t find one.  Could you do a quick review of the Kenmore model 16641 as well as tell me where I could purchase one?  Also where is a good place to buy the Broil King, Blue Ember, and Napoleon grills you have listed?  What would be a good model for less than 500 dollars?

Thank you.


Hey Reader,

Thanks for your question!

If you're looking for a outdoor grill for under 500 dollars check out my Best Gas Grills Under 500 Dollars page with links on where to purchase.

The Kenmore 4 burner grill for $299 is not a bad price for this model, but you will find that it is made of thin, lower quality materials.  After a few months you will most likely find that the Kenmore 16641’s overall fit and finish as well as the durability of this grill is less than you would have expected.  Over time, and especially if this grill is subject to moisture, some of the inexpensive interior parts will usually rust through within 3 to 5 years.  This is common for grills in this price range.  On the plus side, for the price it offers a lot of BTU output, size, and features.  As for cooking performance, users report that the grill cooks evenly and has plenty of power.  Overall, if take care of the Kenmore model 16641 it should serve you well for 3 to 5 years before needing to have replacement parts installed or needing to be replaced. 

As for similar alternatives to the Kenmore 4 burner grill, I highly recommend the Broil King Crown 20.  It's about the same size and design as the Kenmore.  The Broil King grills have a great reputation for cooking performance, customer service, and quality.  Their burner system cooks very evenly, and the exterior is made of aluminum, with will never rust or weather.  These grills are known to last a good 10 years.  Plus Amazon has a great price on them, so you can’t wrong.

Purchase Broil King here: (No side burner)

Broil King Crown 20


Purchase the Broil King here: (With side burner)

Broil King Crown 40


The Weber Q-300 would be my second choice.

The Weber can be purchased here:

Weber Q-300


I hope this helps, you need any more info just let me know.

















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