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Lynx: Innovative Design, Fully Engineered, Built to Impress


      If you’re looking for a gas grill that over delivers in almost every way imaginable, a Lynx gill should be one of the first to come to mind. Maybe you’re looking to put 60 pounds on the rotisserie, lift the 40 pound hood with the touch of a finger, or build an entire outdoor kitchen. With a Lynx grill thes tasks aren't even a challenge.       

      Starting in 1996, Lynx was one of the first grill manufacturers to enter into the luxury grill market. They offered high end grills, luxury islands, and complete outdoor kitchens when few other manufacturers did. This alone brought the gas grill industry to new standards. At the time, the foundation for Lynx grills was already 30 years in the making as the company had been making stainless steel products for the commercial restaurant industry for years. 


      The reputation Lynx gained for high standards in the commercial restaurant industry carried through to their grill line and are still followed today. They are one of the foremost leaders in grill quality, design, and engineering. The current lineup of Lynx grills includes five models with sizes varying between 27 and 54 inches and 685 to 1555 square inches of cooking area. These models are very powerful, with heat outputs that start at 50,000 BTU’s and range to over 100,000 BTU’s. Current pricing puts a 27 inch Lynx grill in your backyard for a little over 3,000 dollars, and a top of the line 54 inch for 7,500 dollars. 


      Although Lynx Grills are expensive, they are some of the best gas grills on the market. They include durable cast brass burners, fully arc welded construction, and glow coil ignition. All their grills are full 304 stainless steel and are of very high quality and durability. Lynx makes full feature grills and many models include searing burners and rotisseries. In addition to quality and cooking performance, Lynx is well known for innovation and design. Some of the innovative features include: LED illuminated control knobs, a hood lift assist, and a seam free cart design.

      Overall, a Lynx grill is sure to impress. It will last for decades, comes with a lifetime warranty, and offers more than the competition. All these features combined makes Lynx a great choice for your luxury grill.




  Feature packed

  High quality parts

  High BTU output

  Attractive design

  Lifetime warranty

  Precise engineering

  Innovative manufacturing

  Fully welded construction

  Even heating

  Made in USA

  Great customer service

  Features add to cost    

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Lynx Grill Models

Lynx 27 Inch Grill Review Image 

Lynx 27 Inch Grill Review Image 

 Lynx 30 Inch Grill Review image

Lynx 27"

Lynx 30"

Lynx 36"

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

Lynx 36 Inch Grill Review Image

Lynx 54 Inch Grill Review Image

Lynx 42"

Lynx 54"

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

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