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4.5 Star Weber Spirit

Minden: Fully Engineered Design, Durable, Good Value


      It couldn’t be any easier or more cost effective. Why pay for stores, inventory, and sales personnel if you don’t have to? By knocking out the middle men and selling directly from the internet, you can get the best deal for your money. This is exactly what Minden Grills has done, allowing you to get a quality grill at a manufacturer’s direct price. 


      Minden Grill Company is headquartered in Western Nevada and is just a few miles from beautiful Lake Tahoe. The company started in 2004 with a vision of creating a grill that matched the big box store prices, but with higher quality and performance. Although Minden grills are relatively new to the market, they are gaining momentum and visibility.     


      While they currently only offer a single model lineup of grills, Minden is still in its introductory stage and other models may soon follow. Currently they offer the Minden Master Grill at 429 dollars. This grill offers 30,000 BTU and 535 square inches of cooking area. It is designed to be customizable, with a varying choice of cutting boards, ice buckets, and grates available. It also comes in four available colors: blue, green, red, and black depending on your taste.


      Although Minden grills are rather basic, additional accessories can be added at any time in the future and can easly be installed onto your grill in only a few mintues. Plus, Minden grills are very simple to assemble, they only have 14 screws, and can be put together in as little as half an hour. In case that's not enough, Minden grills are also great performers. They have high heating, and offer strength, durability, and value. These grills consist of mostly powder coated parts and heavy porcelain coated grates that should last a long time as long as they are not scratched or damaged. 

      Overall, Minden has a great performing product. It is one that should be considered if you’re looking for an attractive grill at a low price that also performs well and is engineered to last.




  Strong customer service

  Parts available online

  Low price, high value

  Smooth online ordering

  High heating

  Attractive design

  Easy assembly

  Basic designs

  Only a single model lineup    


      You can view the Minden models below, or you may also like to check out Ducane Grill Reviews, Kenmore Reviews, and Weber Reviews, as they are in the same price range as Minden.


Minden Grill Models

Minden Master Grill Review Image

Minden Master

4.5 Star Weber Spirit


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