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Nexgrill: High Priced, Low Quality, Next To No Support


      To most Americans 700 dollars is a big chunk of change. When the investment in a gas grill reaches prices close to 1000 dollars, we expect a high quality, great performing grill, which will definately last many years. Luckily you’re reading Nexgrill Grill Reviews, because all they offer from the previous sentence is the price tag.


      Nexgrill is another Chinese manufactured grill being sold at Lowes and other big box discount stores.  They also sell grills under the Charmglow brand and Kirkland brand names.  Several big stores, including Costco, have discontinued these grills due to quality issues and recalls.  At this point only a few models remain at Lowes stores, and these may be discontinued soon.


      The current lineup at Lowes is geared towards big grills at big prices.  The price for the lowest Nexgrill model starts at $649 and ranges up to $1299 for the island unit.  While the island grill is attractive, for this price, cooking performance and quality should be consistent with appearance.  The cooking area of these models ranges from 787 to 925 square inches with BTU outputs of 60,000 and 77,000 respectively.


      One of the main issues with Nexgrill is their reputation for poor customer service and difficulty of contact.  Until recently there was very little information regarding replacement parts, however, they recently launched a website with contact numbers and grill manuals.  Still, their customer service department has been inundated with parts replacement requests and warranty claims.  They simply cannot keep up with the number of customers ordering parts.  You can expect a long wait on hold, and good odds that your part is backordered.


      Let’s face it, these certainly are not inexpensive grills.  They are both full featured and good looking, but are also plagued with cheap, low quality parts and materials.  General manufacturing defects   have been reported, with the most common problem being faulty regulators.  Nexgrill grills use almost all low quality 430 stainless steel and powder coated steel interior and exteriors.  The burners could be a little more powerful, and are slightly uneven in heating.  In addition, and as common with this level of quality, the internals will generally rust after several seasons.

       Overall, Nexgrill grills offer little value or quality and at this price a better grill could easily be had.  A Weber Genesis, Napoleon Mirage, or Broil-King Sovereign would be a much better choice.




  Full featured

  Attractive design and appearance

  Versatile cooking areas

  Poor customer service  

  Limited parts availability  

  All lower quality 430 stainless    

  Uneven heating  

  Prone to rusting  

  Some manufacturing defects


     You can view the Nexgrill models below, or you may also like to read Weber Grill Reviews, Members Mark Reviews, and Napoleon reviews as higher quality alternatives to Nexgrill. 

Nexgrill Grill Models

Nexgrill Island Grill Review Image

Nexgrill 5 Burner Grill review Image

Nexgrill Island

Nexgrill 5 Burner

3 Star Char-Broil Quickset

3 Star Char-Broil Quickset


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