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Do you know anything about RCS grills?


We had a contractor over today to give us an estimate on an outdoor kitchen we are planning to build.  He recommended RCS grills and gave us some information on them.   RCS seems like a nice grill and have pretty good prices, but I can't find many user reviews on them.  He also suggested Fire magic as another option, but they are just too expensive.  Have you heard of RCS grills or their products or could you give a quick review of RCS? 



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I have heard the name before, but haven't done much research on the RCS models till now.  It seems to me that all the specs and features look pretty good on paper.  The fact that they are made of 304 stainless, have good power output, and offer lots of features are positives for RCS.  I agree with you that there aren't many reviews, but I was able to find a few on the site below.  Most of them are positive and they appear to be a fairly good value.  Plus, there are a couple videos about them on the site too.  I think if you ultimately go with a RCS grill you’ll find it was a pretty good choice.


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