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How Do I Replace A Built In EnberGlo Model 31 Grill?






I recently purchased a home and the existing outdoor built in grill is an EmberGlo Model 31. It is no longer operational and will need to be replaced (the previous owner acknowledged this before we bought the house). I have a limited budget to spend on this and want to keep it below 1,000 dollars. A Nexgrill grill is being sold at Lowes for a relatively good price (600 dollars for a five burner) but after reading your review on Nexgrill I am less than excited to make the purchase. I like to grill about once a week or so and the location the grill will fit is covered and will not be rained on. What do you recommend for an outdoor grill with these issues in mind? 

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I’d be more than happy to give you a few suggestions.  To give me a little more detail, is the grill natural gas or propane?  Also, is there a particular size that the grill needs to be to fit in this space?


Congratulations on the new home.



Thanks for your quick reply and kind wishes. I believe it is liquid propane, but I understand that you can convert to LP from natural gas if needed.  The size is: width: 36in, depth: 23in, height: 17in. 




Thanks for the additional info.


It is a bit of a challenge to find a built-in grill in that size and price combination,  but I was able to find a few to recommend. The only one I found that is 36 inches wide is the Cook Number 36".  It is a unique type of grill because it has a temperature probe and a few other gadgets. It has a single burner that can be moved to sear, grill, or roast and gets fairly good reviews from owners. The actual dimensions are: Width: 36.5, Height: 13.5, Depth: 22.5, so it's probably the closest match for the price. More info can be found on it at their website:


The next option is the Napoleon Mirage Series BIM485NSS. It is 30" wide, 25 deep, and 15.5 high. Napoleon makes great grills, the only issue is the size and if it will fit into your space correctly.


Lastly, I’m not sure how bad the condition of the EmberGlo Model 31 is that you have, but you may also be able to find replacement parts for it if none of these options work. Here is the company’s website: . At the bottom right they have a number for parts.

Hope this information helps!



Thanks a lot. I appreciate you taking the time.... this is very useful.








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