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Solaire: Amazing Convenience, Excellent Flavor, Great Craftsmanship


      There’s no better way to match the heat and taste of a traditional charcoal grill with the ease and convenience of a gas grill than infrared technology. With an infrared grill you can preheat in 3 minutes, cook in half the time, and use 60 percent less fuel. If that’s not enough to convince you, the flavor created by the intense heat of infrared is sure to challenge even the finest steakhouse. In the infrared grill market there’s only a few industry leaders and Solaire is certainly one of them.


      Solaire infrared grills are anything but new to the grill market. It was in the mid-1980’s when the first infrared gas grills were introduced to the residential consumer. Since then the technology has grown rapidly, Solaire grills have been at the forefront of that growth. It was in 1907 when Rasmussen Iron Works opened its doors creating gas logs and fireplaces. Four generations and over 100 years later the craftsmanship and value continues with its line of infrared gas grills.


      The current models include sizes from 155 to 1027 square inches with heat outputs of 14,000 to 117,500 BTU’s. They are 304 stainless grills with fully welded construction and no mechanical fasteners. Solaire grills are indeed built to last for decades. They offer lifetime warranties and based on the model, most come with everything you need including covers, rotisseries, and rods. The current pricing ranges from only 360 dollars for the portable model to a little over 7000 dollars for the top of the line 56 inch model.


        In addition to being top quality, Solaire grills are some of the most powerful grills available. It’s hard to believe, but at the same time they are also some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly grills to cook with. Fuel wasted during preheating and long cooking times are cut drastically with an infrared grill saving money and the environment. Also, with the ability to grill a full meal in as little as ten minutes, you can make grilling a more frequent activity. With all Solaire grills offer it may be hard not to, as these grills rarely flare up, offer a great grilling experience, and an unbeatable flavor.

      In other words, with the taste of charcoal, convenience of gas, and the speed of infrared, it’s hard not to fall in love with a Solaire grill. If you’re looking to have the hottest grill on the block, this is a sure winner.  




  Amazing cooking performance

  High, even heating

  Rarely flares up

  High quality materials

  Sears at extreme temperatures

  Excellent durability

  Good value for the price

  Decreased cooking time

  Efficient design

  Larger models are expensive

  Commercial like appearance   

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Solaire Grill Models

Solaire 27 Inch Infrared Grill Review

Solaire 30 Inch Infrared Grill Review Image

Solaire 42 Inch Infrared Grill Review Image

Solaire 56 Inch Infrared Grill Review Image

Solaire 27"

Solaire 30"

Solaire 42"

Solaire 56"

5 Star Weber Q

5 Star Weber Q

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

Solaire Portable Infrared Grill Review

Solaire Portable

5 Star Weber Q


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