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4 Star Char-Broil Red

Stok: Innovative Grates, Competitive Pricing, Sturdy Build


       While Lowes has been selling their own store branded grills for several years now, Home Depot has yet to bring a dedicated store brand to the market.  They’ve traditionally sold major name brand grills at fairly competitive prices.  However, the high competitiveness and low profit margin on reselling these brands cannot compete with outsourced manufacturing of your own line of gas grills.  To no surprise, Home Depot has recently introduced a new line of grills under the name Stok.

       Stok grills, which are made in China by Chant Group, Inc., are unique new brand of grills being sold exclusively at Home Depot.  While the Stok line of grills are new, the Chant Group has been manufacturing gas grills and heaters since 1985.  Unlike some of their competitors however, Stok does have a U.S. based website and customer service contact information. 


      Stok’s first model, the Quattro 4-Burner gas grill has an interchangeable grate system that can easily and quickly switch between a grill grate, a pizza stone, a griddle, or a vegetable tray on either half of the grill.  The Quattro offers 600 total square inches of grilling space, including a 125 square inch warming rack and has a power output of 48,000 BTU’s.  This model is priced relatively low at 349 dollars. 


      While gas grill accessories aren’t anything new to the industry, the Stok’s removable cooking grate system is something we’ve never seen before and is the perfect design for someone who loves to grill a wide variety of food.  With the Stok Quattro, you can grill anything from pancakes to pizza.  Aside from the new design, Stok has a fairly sturdy cart, wheels, and knobs, and is built about average for this price range.  It does, however, suffer from thinner burners and internal components, but offers an impressive warranty to combat those fears.  Heat output is strong and fairly even.  The main concern of this grill is the porcelain coating on the removable grates.  Over time they are likely to chip and rust from constantly being taken in and out. 

      Overall, the Stok is an interesting new brand of grill that gives you lots of flexibility in grilling whatever type of food you like at a fairly low price.  If you’re in love with the interchangeable grate system, this might be a fun grill to consider.  On the other hand if you’re looking for something basic that will last and perform top notch, there are others to consider.



  Innovative removable grates

  Competitive pricing  

  Attractive designs  

  Feature and accessory packed

  U.S. based customer service

  Cooks a variety of foods

  Sturdy construction

  Internal parts prone to rusting  

  Some Low quality materials  



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Stok Grill Models


Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill

Stok Quattro 4 Burner

 4 Star Char-Broil Red


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