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5 Star Weber Grill Review

Weber: A Reasonable Price, Remarkable Quality And Performance


     When you see a large group of people following a product like a crowd, you know they’re after something good. With gas grills, it’s no different. In fact, when most people think of gas grills, they think of the name Weber. After all, it’s not hard to figure out that the most successful brand of outdoor grills is also one of the best.


      Weber grills made it onto the list of the best gas grills several times for a good reason, probably the same reason they've landed in millions of satisfied customers' back yards over the last 50 years. Ever since early 1952 Weber has been manufacturing quality gas grills at attractive prices.  While most other gas grill manufactures may not like to admit it; Weber Stephens Company practically started the backyard barbeque phenomenon we know and love today. Not to mention, Weber exports grills worldwide, and is arguably the current world leader in sales of gas grills with over 200 million dollars in annual revenue.


      Today Weber manufactures almost thirty different gas grills for nearly every budget and a wide variety of grilling enthusiasts. No matter what type or size of grill you’re looking for, Weber’s bound to have a model that fits your tastes. They currently offer grills ranging in size from around 450 square inches and up to 759 square inches, with heat outputs as low as 8,500 and upwards of 101,000 BTU. Weber’s various models can be had starting at around 150 dollars and up to 2300 dollars for the top of the line.


      In addition to their expansive product line, Weber has become known industry wide for their outstanding customer service and their devotion to making a quality product.  Today they're the only grill manufacturer offering 24/7 customer service and have consistently been behind their product from day one. Parts availability is among the best in the industry and shipping is fast and simple. Plus, Weber grills offer even heating and innovative designs which are known for their efficiency and making the most out of each BTU. To top that off Weber grills pre-heat in less than ten minutes and will easily sear just as well as the next. Although they are made of some inexpensive materials on the outside, the internals, burners, and igniters are all heavy duty, and carry a great warranty. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best grills for your money. 

      Overall, purchasing a Weber grill will give you some of the best bang for the buck among other grill manufacturers.  Their great performing grills combined with quality, durability, and customer service ensures you will not be disappointed.




  Outstanding customer service

  Readily available parts

  Highly rated by Weber owners

  Even heating

  Efficient design

  Well known to last for years

  A few models made in China

  Some lower quality 430 stainless  


      You can view the Weber models below, or check out Weber in the Best Gas Grills!  You may also be interested in checking out Ducane Grill ReviewsBroil-King Reviews, or Napoleon Reviews as good alternatives to Weber.


Weber Grill Models

Weber Q Grill Review Image

Weber Spirit Review

Weber Genesis Grill Review Image

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Weber Q

Weber Spirit

Weber Genesis

Weber Summit

5 Star Weber Q

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

4.5 Star Weber Spirit

5 Star Weber Q


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